Friday, April 25, 2014

Putting the "Joy" Into Joystick

We all want to be the guy – or gal – who cruises in toward the marina and docks perfectly without adjustments, at seemingly impossible angles.

Complete control at your fingertips. 
As cool as the boat operator seems, there’s a good chance that the boat itself is equipped with a Zeus or Axius propulsion system. Developed in cooperation with Sea Ray, these marine propulsion systems enable complete 360-degree rotation, making docking and maneuvering boats a breeze.

Both Axius and Zeus are remarkably simple to operate.  Utilizing a standard joystick to position, turn and spin boats, the propulsion systems enable easy control in challenging conditions, such as fast currents, wind, or crowded waterways.

The Axius was designed for use with boats that have twin stern drive engines, while the Zeus is designed for larger boats with twin inboard engines.
The Axius and Zeus Propulsion Systems make
navigating and docking a breeze. 

Axius makes use of two integrated, articulating Bravo III stern drives found on many Sea Rays models, and is standard on the 350 Sundancer. Advanced piloting features can be added to Axius as well, for additional benefits.

The Zeus system utilizes a pod drive system. Each pod turns independently for maximum control and efficiency. Zeus systems are standard on many Sea Ray Sports Yachts and Yachts.

For a complete overview on Axius and Zeus, check out the Sea Ray video on You Tube: 

Or, lean more about the Axius and Zeus joystick propulsion systems at any of our locations – Hampton Bays, Westhampton, or Mattituck. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

EdgeWater 280 CX: Epitome of a Crossover

The most challenging part of describing the EdgeWater 280 Crossover is…where to start.

The Crossover’s dual console, its ample space for entertaining  (or for fighting fish) and its ambitious amenities hint at the boat’s “do everything” mentality.  

This utility boat is practical…yet appealing.  It is pragmatically unsinkable and yet….sexy.

The fact is that EdgeWater’s entire Crossover series of boats truly do offer the fishing crowd, the cruisers and boating groupies the opportunity to shape their own experience within an EdgeWater Crossover.
The Edgewater 280 CX is a true crossover. 

The 280 CX, specifically, is as comfortable in rough offshore seas as it is inland, pulling a cadre of kiddies on a tube. Neither mission is neglected as EdgeWater designed the 280 – the flagship of its Crossover series - to pull double and triple duty.   

The most telling feature of the 280 CX’s versatility is the space designation: there’s a spacious cabin that includes six feet, eight inches of headroom, a galley, a head with electric toilet and holding tank and a sleeping berth. Topsides, this Crossover welcomes a crowd with circular seating for seven in the bow, twin double-wide helm benches port and starboard, plus a pair of fold-up aft bench seats at the transom, including a tuna door in the starboard corner.

The boat engineers at EdgeWater don’t neglect practicality in favor of design; the proprietary “single piece infusion” (SPI) construction ensures that the hull components bond as one extremely strong and rigid piece. In addition, the process used to bond the components also promotes resistance to osmosis, reducing the likelihood that the hull will blister. Another benefit of the SPI process is the lighter construction, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Overall, the 280 CX offers most of what nearly any recreational boater will need, rivaling not just other boats in its own class, but many other boats in general.

We welcome you to stop by Modern Yachts’ Hampton Bays or Westhampton location and check out the EdgeWater 280 CX.