Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Greenport Maritime Festival: Come By Land...Or By Sea!

Greenport Maritime Festival 

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Greenport Maritime Festival. If you've been meaning to come to the Festival, this is your opportunity! 

The Maritime Festival takes place September 19 - 21 in Greenport Village. Attendees will enjoy a parade, demonstrations, tastings, artisan crafts, fishing contests, entertainment, refreshments, tour boats, a film screening, museum exhibits and much more. 

Greenport Village is accessible by land or by sea. 
The Festival is organized by the East End Seaport Museum and Marine Foundation, and this year the Festival features a fundraiser for the preservation of the Long Beach Bar "Bug" Lighthouse. Built in 1871, the lighthouse sustained a good deal of damage during Hurricane Sandy, and while some repairs have been done, the work is far from over. 

The Seaport Festival pays tribute to all of those seafarers who draw their living or their enjoyment from the sea. It also introduces new generations to the importance of the waters surrounding Long Island, from both a contemporary and a historic perspective. 

The Maritime weekend is a great time to take a boat ride over to Greenport and to enjoy early Fall weather. But come early! The Festival promises to be a popular venue, and hosts thousands of visitors during its short weekend.  

Modern Yachts will be in attendance with great end-of-season opportunities for weekend boaters, fishing fans, and family boaters. We hope to see you there! 

For complete information, visit the Festival website:  http://www.eastendseaport.org/Maritime_Festival.html

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